Monday, 30 March 2015

Three And Three Months

A new crane for the track
Blue eyes and berries
Paw Patrol, scary as shit

What's New

Perhaps whilst David was away there was more time for me to just sit, watch and observe Cal. When he wasn't running me ragged I noticed the sweetest of little changes.

He can tumble into our bed now without an elbow up.

He used to push his pants right down to his knees to have a wee, and now like a grown up dude just reaches in.

He can scrape the last of his rice bubbles off the edges and into the centre of his bowl.

And this morning he got out of bed and walked out of the room and his silhouette looked so tall and grown to me like a flash forward to the future. A long lanky guy with a head of messy brown curls and such an air of happy self-containment. 
The Easter ducklings at Cal's kindy have hatched!
First icky and sticky, now fuzzy and golden
We're all just little duckies in a Grow Box, really

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Simple Pleasures

Daydreaming between episodes of Peppa Pig - about what I wonder.
An ice-cream with green inside. He made me nibble into two before we got a green one. I obliged.
Necessity is a Mother. With David away I'm playing with the camera, trying to figure out all the ISOs, F-stops and other nonsense.
A new house plant has made me exceedingly happy this week. Simple pleasures.
Cal "fixing my car". I wish I'd snapped him similarly on his back under the pink ice-cream van in the mall today.
A 5 buck repair job. Good deal.
Every night he can add 2 drops of food dye to the water. Every night he agrees then squeezes the dropper like a maniac.
And every night I end up with Smurf fingers trying to grab the dropper back from him. Rascal.
The appropriately titled, Queen Rainbow food colours..
Kid makes me laugh.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Autumn in Sydney/ Spring in Amsterdam

Autumn in Sydney can look like this, but it can also mean cold grey mornings and serious thoughts about investing in knee-high Ugg boots, of which there has been quite a bit this week. Cal is having a terrible week of waking up at all hours, calling for us to get into bed with him, which could be because it's so bloody cold in the mornings (16 degrees - I'm chuckling typing this, but it really does feel very cold here for some reason). 

But not as cold as Amsterdam in March, which is where David's off to this week. He'll be back for about 10 days to pick up some photography gear (and my sheepskin slippers). My friends back in A'dam are Instagraming pics of their kids, still in snow suits, exploring the first warmish days of spring in the city's parks after a long winter.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

McCarr's Creek

When we were kids sometimes Mum and Dad would take us to McCarr's creek for the day to race gum-leaf boats down down the little waterfalls and into the shallow pools. David was interested to see if the creek might be a good location to shoot at, so he took Cal there this morning while I had the day off and went into town.

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