Saturday, 24 January 2015

Life Lately

We crossed 'hang a hammock' off our summer list
A hammock built for one and a half
Watching Toy Story again..
Whilst he sleeps
BBQ skills coming along
A thorough investigation of all neighbourhood parks
I'm smiling, but man playgrounds are dull
Unless you're three
And then they're the best
and the perfect way to end a hot day
This is me explaining to David how I've missed "big stuff" like headlands and mountains and views and stuff
And those colours
And salty hair and shorts and t-shirts
And this is David with his favourites
Beer and tacos at Cranky's, Palm Beach

Friday, 23 January 2015

Paper Bag Parenting

With weeks and weeks of full-time summer childcare, you'd think we'd become really good at parenting. I regret to admit that the opposite is true. This holiday has put quite a strain on what minimal skills we were in possession of. We're exhausted. Cal is often times totally over us.

In a moment of desperation the other day, I made a puppet out of a brown paper bag. I drew two eyes and Mr Fish was born. On the first afternoon Cal played with Mr Fish for hours. They explored the garden together, swam around the house and snuggled cheek to crumpled brown paper cheek. It was kind of magical. As the voice of Mr Fish, I was way more curious, hilarious and loving and Cal totally responded to it, his eyes all aglow.

By day three I was pretty over being Mr Fish and stuffed the worn paper bag down the side of the garbage bin. That was funny I thought tucking it beneath some leftovers. 

The next day Mr Fish was back. The kind of brown paper bags that the bottle shop wraps wine in are common around here. This time Mr Fish didn't have eyes and thankfully he'd become David's puppet. In the couple of days since then Mr Fish has had so much airtime that poor David's voice is hoarse. 

Cal involves Mr Fish in so many of his activities, talking to him as if we're not even in the room. And Mr Fish is an amazing addition to our family. He's the negotiator between Cal and us. He's endlessly patient and seemingly always on Cal's team. But he's also a direct line for us as parents to crazy-town. When Cal wouldn't pee before bed (a nightly stand-off) Mr Fish intervened. "Hey Cal, done a wee?" Cal bolted to to the toilet.

This week Mr Fish has taught me a lot about de-escalation and tone. I'm loathe to sugar-coat every interaction I have with my kid, but a little make-believe sure does make life a whole lot easier.
Mr Fish is the brown paper bag on David's hand
And with a plastic fish Annema bought him at the aquarium

Sunday, 11 January 2015


Yesterday we celebrated Cal's third birthday in our tiny flat in the midst of a "thirty year weather event" AKA the pissing rain. But luckily Dad came to the rescue with an early morning tarp and marquee construction that we attached to the house and there was family, friends, truckloads of presents and Annema's green spider cake. Happy third birthday Calzone Macaroni, you know how to party. xxx

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