Thursday, 10 March 2016

The Royal Family

Whole family are portraits are rare around here, and despite the quality, I love this one.
The three of us, March 2016

Conversations With Cal

Cal has become delightfully deadpan lately. When I was trying to entertain both him and David with an American civil-war marching song that I liked as a kid, and moaned that nobody seemed impressed, he suggested, 'maybe try someone else.'

He's also trying out the phrases, 'of course', 'I guess' and  'I don't trust..' and getting them slightly, and charmingly, wrong a lot of the time. Being completely useless at learning languages it's fascinating for me to watch how a language, and also how the understanding of concepts like trust are learned, through trial and lots of error.

He's also becoming completely reasonable. Yesterday we were locked out of the house in all of this endless summer heat and we had to take a train, a bus, a walk and finally a taxi at 5pm when he was exhausted, but there was no drama. Some slight whinging, yet nothing like the shit-storm those combined factors would have resulted in a few months ago.  

He also grew 1cm in about a week. I actually noticed the difference over night last week. Sweet thing.


A birthday this week. One that puts David neatly in 'his forties'. Like little kids husbands are better the older they get, I reckon. Not that he was bad before but he's absolutely bloody lovely now.

It's a summer without end here. Every day is 31 degrees and cloudless. I can't remember what a non-burning car steering wheel feels like. So I didn't bake for David's birthday. I bought a Pav base from Woolies and covered it in cold whipped cream and berries and it was a winner.

As a treat David and I had a spectacular 24 hours in Manly. We stayed at the Novotel while Mum babysat Cal. We walked around feeling very happy with ourselves for going on holiday 17 minutes drive away from our house. No check-ins, no anxiety about being too far away from Cal, more beach time, more money to spend on eating out. We went on and on about it.

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