Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Big Train & Dinosaur

Meet Cal's new pals. Because little people who spend all night in their own beds, every night of the week deserve great things like their very own fish. And when they get them they can give them top-shelf names like Big Train and Dinosaur, which Cal thought of all by himself!

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Back To Brooklyn

We had an unexpected afternoon together this afternoon, so I decided to take the boys down to Brooklyn to show them where my parents had their boat and where I feel I grew up. 

Even when we were kids there was talk of how Brooklyn would become the new posh satellite suburb of Sydney, but we never really saw it happen. A few modern architectural houses popped up here and there, but there were still more weather beaten houses with goats tied to frangipani trees in the front yard, than chic summer houses.

Driving through the main drag this afternoon I was pleased to see that the town looked the same, only a little shinier. There's quite a hip cafe on the corner where the newsagent was, and a cool fish and chips bar has popped up opposite the station. And the Angler's Rest - the pub on the corner where Mum once broke down on a hot summer afternoon with us kids in the back, dying of embarrassment, while the rednecks at the tables hooted at her - is still there, unscathed by gastro-pub interior design firms.

Down at Parsley Bay I pointed out where our boats were moored over the years. We peered down the river, me trying to explain the beaches, God's own, hidden around the corners, accessible only by boat. We decided to scramble over the rocks and around the headland to the first, Sandy Beach. The slimy mud and oyster shells, razor sharp at low tide thwarted us. We turned back.

We drove around to the marina and played in the park. The tide was too low to swim but Cal enjoyed racing his scooter up and down the footpath along the water's edge with a couple of local brothers. I chatted to their mum, a girl my age who had embraced the classic 'Sea Change', moving with her sonographer husband and their two small boys to Wobby, the tiny settlement across the water that's only accessible by boat. They had sold their flat in Coogee 5 years ago and when I asked if the move was permanent she said that now they'd survived the hard years of ferrying two small children back and forth across the river in the boat with the shopping, that they were 'stayers'. I quite envy people whose industries allow them to live outside of Sydney. She said she could never leave the peace of the river behind now. Lucky girl.

We tried the fish and chips opposite the station and then drove home, sure to be back when the tide is higher for a swim.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

This Little Guy

Some days Cal looks so enormous to us like someone inserted an extra 15 centimetres of length into his thighs. But then other times I'm reminded of how little he still is. Little is being able to take a bath in a laundry sink.

Friday, 13 February 2015

Things We Hear 20 Times A Day

Cal is a masterclass on what is takes to get fluent in English ASAP. It involves CONSTANT talking for 11 hours a day. And I mean constant, not like you talk a bit and then I'll have a go - but like I'll talk without a break/breath for all that time. I call it Toddler-FM and it's bloody hard to switch off!

Here's some on his favourite catch-phrases these days:
Wake up! You. Wake. Up!
A fart! ahahahaahahhaha
You’re a wee, I’m a poopy and Daddy’s a fart!
I need to wee! Stay right there!
What’s that noise?!
DING!! (when he’s found something he was looking for, or has a great idea. A personal favourite of mine)
Sheeesh (his current toddler swearword of choice, better than the F-bomb, which was dropped a few times last month).
Soweeee! (sorry, not sorry)
What you doing?
Me also!
What does that mean?
I think not.
Stop singing.
Mum. Mum. Mum. Mum. Mumumumumumumuuuuuuu-m!!!
You do it.
I give you a kiss!
Daddy has No Hair!
Have a little sleep, ok? (sleep with me in my bed)

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

After Kindy

We were in a bit of a rut in Amsterdam. For some time it felt as if our three lives played out in a very tight kilometre between Cal's kindy, my client's office five minutes down the road and David's studio, 10 mins in the other direction. We seemed to scurry back and forth down those narrow arteries and were spending so much time indoors in our tiny apartment. With the colder months sometimes Cal was watching two hours of telly a day.

It hasn't been all easy since we've been in Sydney, but we are making the most of this outdoor lifestyle. After kindy today we drove to our current favourite place Mona Vale where Cal did laps of the bike path on his scooter and David surfed. When David came out I had a quick swim and smiled as I lapped past a group friends drinking champagne on the side of the pool - on a Wednesday afternoon with the sea breeze ripping and nothing but the Pacific in front of them.

And on the way there Cal asked the most wonderful question. "Are the waves at night too?" Sometimes 3 year olds are pure poetry.

(Real) Life Lately

This morning I asked David did we have any new pics for the blog and he thought we'd been doing more working than having fun lately. So in the spirit of semi-accurate representation of life, here's what our day looked like today.
David hard at work photoshopping cute girls
Taking a moment away from my admin
The frangipani tree lays its gifts for us daily

Summer In Sydney

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