Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Around These Parts

Cal's friend Emil came over and they shared a mutual appreciation of Chuggington on YouTube
Emil's a little older and takes train-play very seriously
Crackers for breakfast
Cal and David, July 2014
So-not-gender-neutral toys

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Summer At Home & Tantrum Times

Cal has survived week one of his summer 'stay-cation' at home with his parents. So far we're all still talking to one another. Funnily (not coincidentally?) this week has also seen the onset of Cal's terrible-two-tantrums. Until now we thought we'd dodged the whole tantrum thing that you hear about. But not so, it arrived this week like a freight train. 

Unlike a lot of things in real life, Cal's tantrums are just like you see in the movies. They're conducted in highly public and usually dangerous places. The middle of busy roads and train station thoroughfares are sure-fire tantrum zones. A supermarket aisle is an oldie, but a goody. And they're never very original, sorry to say Cal. A refusal to get off the road and out of the path of a tram, the knee lock, the slide to the ground, the roll onto the back, the leg flail, the roll to foetal position and then the jagged sob.

But then comes the bear hug and the minutes of peace and quiet. The good thing about tantrums is that they press the Restart button. And we all need that sometimes. Here are some sweet pics from around the house this week, in no-tantrum times.
Rainy day toilet roll bowling
Pretty intensely into Brio trains these days
He calls them his "Trainas"
The whole jar of raisins is also a fave
Hello humidity curls, how I love you

Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Beach

Dinner at the beach was on Cal's summer to-do list so off we went yesterday to Wijk aan Zee. It was a pretty windy day so we didn't spend much time down near the water before Cal had had enough of the sand in his face and asked to go back to the cafe for chippies.
Love this guy's beach hair
There were some nice little waves to play in 
And the water wasn't tooo cold (still too cold and grey for me though)
Wijk Aan Zee with beautiful windmills and ugly steel factory behind
David thought it was only fair to take the breakers at Cal's height xx

My water babies
The Photographer
The Collector
Excellent pre-dug hole, no sandy hands required, which he doesn't like
A cargo ship on its way down the channel behind the beach
Beach bar games
Time for chippies, let's go

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

I Miss You

Last time David was away Cal and I spoke about how much we missed Daddy. When David came home Cal was so sweet and said, "Cal miss Daddy," which of course made us dissolve into sticky puddles of parental goo. But since then Cal has started saying it in the place of 'I love you.' Several times a day he'll run up to me and bear hug me with a "Cal miss you." I think it's so freaking sweet - possibly even sweeter than if he just whipped out a normal I Love You.

Summer in Amsterdam

Summer's here. The fan's on. There's ice-cream everyday. Cal is enjoying his no-kindy days, and I think we are too, so far. I hope the weather holds, we've had days of sunshine with 26/27-ers and it feels like a proper summer, finally. Here's a few nice pics from Hopper's 3rd birthday last Saturday.
No entry
Ignatius Indie's first summer
Every kid has a water pump this summer, or has it always been that way?
Got popcorn?
Scout and Ignatius
It's cooler underground
And fun to fall over

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Home Games

After the idyll of France I knew it was going to be a bit of a drag coming home to our pocket-sized apartment and the ho-hum Amsterdam weather. There's 5 months till we pack our bags for a whole summer in Oz, but I'm keenly aware of how time can be wasted in the "waiting place." So last week I made a couple of lists for Cal, David and I, some things to set our compasses by in the coming weeks - especially when Cal has his 3 week vacation from kindy. 
AnneMa's magnet and safety pins game
Cal's words
The sad, but necessary arrival of the door gate on Cal's room
Sounds like a fun summer, right?

Sunday, 6 July 2014

France 2014 with AnneMa

Cal and AnneMa, first drink on the deck of our cabin with field flowers picked by David
Working on catch skills, getting pretty good
The sunny spot next to the lake
City kid, city cars are ready for an off-road adventure
French sun
Float like a butterfly
Swim like a fish
AnneMa was a little surprised by the crazy
Bezerk is hard work
Still life with banana
Fish at Chateau Villandry
The French and their "big houses"
Cal didn't get what all the fuss was about
Nice bit of gardening though
Reminded me of Last Year at Marienbad
Medieval play equipment 
Finally got him to wear his bloody hat. A huge victory pour moi.
All tuckered out...
Absolutely could not move a muscle...
Until ice-cream is mentioned
Sweet tooth like Mum
Our lake-side ride
Can AnneMa have a chippy? Well...
Two and a half
Forgotten the name of this one...
Loud shirt day
You weren't nuthin without a moat back then
On the deck, glass of Sancerre, watching my boys, couldn't be happier!
I win the World Cup 2014 sports action photography prize, non?
Cal, with happy Mum and Dad in reflection
Earning his Aussie BBQ-er badge
Craft time with Anne-Ma
Screen-time with Dad
The castle at Langeais
Good tick-tock in the distance
The old castle from 998AD 
The newer one from 15-something
"Mummy, cay-u" (carry me)
David thinks I look like someone's mentally disabled sister here
This is a better pose, apparently
A terrific storm calls for a game of Connect-ALL MINE!!!!
Exploring after the storm
Still dry...
Puddle sighted...
No longer dry.
Love this one
"WALK TRACKS!" Probably the most used phrase of the holiday
The Littlest Hobbo
A lone Yabbie is not enough for dinner, lucky for him
Washing the mud off
The endlessly entertaining AnneMa
Look who came on holiday with us...
A perfect holiday in a perfect place, thanks France
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