Monday, 26 September 2016

A Trip To The Countryside

This past weekend we went out to visit Grandad at his friend Libby's house an hour outside of Sydney at Cattai. Cal loved making a fire and having a turn on Libby's favourite toy, her ride-on lawnmower. It was a lovely chance to get out of the city and Cal has already asked when we can go back and light another fire. Thanks for having us, Libby!

Monday, 19 September 2016

Four And Three Quarters

Cal and Skyler after music class, September 2016

There's a lot of new stuff coming Cal's way. Tomorrow we'll go to his primary school to buy his first school uniform - after these school holidays it's the home stretch! Last term at pre-school. And he's just started karate, which also requires a snazzy uniform of white kimono-style scrubs and a white belt. I thought the miniature kickboxing gloves were a bit much, but they assure us he'll need them very soon when he begins punching stuff.. Can't wait for that..

Cal, as usual, is looking forward to it all. Just like his Dad and unlike his Mum whose favourite hobby is sitting around imagining all possible future worst case scenarios. We spent the day at the primary school carnival the other day and he had a good chance to walk around the school, play on the equipment and see the kindy classrooms. The school grounds were full of rides, fairy-floss and toy stalls, which I carefully explained would not be there on a regular school day. Ha ha, I hope he was listening otherwise he's in for a rude shock.

It's September and the rapid switch from winter to summer that passes for spring here is well underway. Cal is suddenly starting to talk a lot about sports, how Australian. He does a brilliant impersonation of the sports coach at pre-school and likes to make up his own sports games at home and in the park. Today he designed a circuit workout for me on the exercise equipment out the front of North Sydney library. He told me that he would watch from the bench and that I could call him if I needed any help.

Tonight as I was kissing him goodnight he told me that when he grows up he wants to be a writer. He said he can't wait to grow up, because being so tall will be so, so fun.

Five will be here before we know it.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Summer Strawberry Tart

Just before we packed up the house in Amsterdam Hans and Nicky surprised us with a box of beautiful strawberries from their orchard. Nicky brought the pie crust and filling she makes every year for Hans' birthday and Cal was excited to help with the assembling.

Shoal Bay / Nelson Bay

Last weekend we had nothing planned and as it was Father's Day on Sunday I convinced David to head north for a night. The Saturday was cold and incredibly windy, and stuck in a caravan park after a 3 hour drive, none of us were best-pleased with the situation. 

However Sunday dawned sunny, still and perfect. On my morning walk I spotted a secret pirate's cove, a tiny patch of beach sheltered by great slabs of red rock. We spent the morning skinny-dipping in the cold turquoise water and building forts until it was time for lunch. It was my perfect day, being somewhere wild and beachy with the boys. At one point Cal said, "Mum, why do you keep making that smiling face?" 

A sure sign this needs to be done more often.

After fish and chips on the beach we took a spin on the bush toboggan at Nelson's bay (excellent fun) before heading home to Syders. 

Saturday, 6 August 2016

London For Simon & Sara's Wedding

What an amazing wedding. The golden mermaid dress, the love-filled speeches, the unflappably cool bride and groom, the golden dinosaur table settings. A sparkling day full of fun, love, family and some minor acts of terror by a small person whose wedding etiquette could do with some polishing... And some crappy iPhone pics as the photographer's hands were consumed with child wrangling.
No photos, please! The sass began already in the taxi to Schiphol..
Actually he's rather a good little traveller
Drones in Hackney
Mum and Dad just hanging on the estate
Dad meets the infamous Red Stripe
Round Two of Double Decker bus riding - the time where top level front row was happily achieved
The epic shit-fit of Round One bus ride (top deck, but second row) a distant memory (for him)

Dad and Simon on the stoop at Simon and Sara's place in Hackney
Alex, Mum and "Big Cal" arrive
Tall dudes club
Cal with Drone goggles on
Last kiss before their night apart
Me ready to go, but waiting till the last minute to dress him in a white shirt. 
This guy, ready and cool as ice
Off we go on a hot, sunny and sparkly day in London!
At Hackney Town Hall waiting for the bride

The loveliest couple
Gold face tattoos
Simon besotted during Sara's speech xxx
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