Monday, 25 May 2015


Who knows where the future will take us as a family, but right now being in the sun - after such a long time under the low clouds of Amsterdam - feels good. 

When I look back at recent blog posts it seems like so much of my current happiness comes from simple everyday moments illuminated by the sun. Case in point: the warm autumn sun on Cal's body as he wades into the ocean pool at Dee Why. I love seeing his childhood playing out in bold, bright colour. I love that the sun and the sea are soaking into his DNA and I love that he's still intent on swimming any season in any temps (a characteristic surely learned in Amsterdam - there weren't many Aussie kids in yesterday).

And personally I'm sure that all this vitamin D, coupled with the decent sleep we're now getting is responsible for really lifting my mood. I feel lighter in my mind than I have in years.

Saturday, 23 May 2015

Luna Park

Excuse the crappy i-Phone pics, but with me it's a case of kid, good camera, crowds: choose two. So with another unseasonably (who knows what's seasonal in this strange country??) warm autumn day in the 20s Cal and I decided to go to Luna Park on the harbour foreshore - another one of those cool firsts that I've been dreaming about sharing with this little guy.
Cal at Luna Park, May 2015
Not too crowded, and lovely and warm
A great moment when he picked up the gun and said, "Mum, does your car need a fill up?" No idea. Yet :)
Not scared, not overly impressed with the ferris wheel
Could this be the last smudge of peanut butter I'll wear from my almost-not-a-baby-anymore boy?
That's life, kid
Love how undeveloped and retro they've kept the park, right down to the 1930s music pumped in, instead of Lady Gaga
Lunch on the ferry dock
We had such a perfect day on the slides, ferris wheel, dodgem cars and carousel
With only one large-ish meltdown at the end..
But overall the day was so great - full of sunshine and good vibes, thanks Cal xx
Slip-sliding with my guy at Coney Island

Friday, 22 May 2015

Happy Place

It is raining for England here today. And cold, 16 degrees. And windy. But yesterday was perfection. After our swim lesson and cookie baking session we drove down to Brooklyn to play on the beach - and had the whole place to ourselves, except for an older couple (late 50s?) who I've seen there before. These two are clearly in their courtship and absolutely killing it. They're both kind of sunburned and out of shape but are just loving life. Every time I see them they're half naked on the grass at the baths, surrounded by throw pillows and champagne. Just laughing all afternoon. It makes me smile. They're people of my heart and share my current happy place. All that was missing was my other guy.
Brooklyn baths all to ourselves
Sunny selfie - still such warmth in the golden hour/s
I love how cool he feels in a baseball cap 
The 'prolonged independent' sand play they promised me has arrived

Impersonations Of A Suburban Stay At Home Mum

- At swim lesson I sat with another mother from Cal's kindy. It was confirmed that Maddie and Big Jaz are the reigning favourites at kindy that all the (3 and 4 year old) boys (and possibly girls) are making a play for.

- In the suburbs three kids, two years apart still seems the norm.

- I think weaponry-lust is the equivalent of princess-lust for pre-schoolers. Cal is heavily into swords, battleships and 'fireballing' me. He's started to make a lot of gun actions as well but I haven't heard the word yet. I have a feeling it's kept pretty hush-hush at kindy and on the shows he watches, which makes a nice change from when I was a kid.

- Cal asked could Daddy come too on our Mummy-and-Cal-Thursday. He misses him and keeps coming up with ways to convince me to go to Amsterdam. He even told me he didn't mind long flights.

- Cal baked his first cookies yesterday which were beyond delicious. We took some into Grandma who confirmed the fact. Cal preferred the unbaked cookie-dough versions.

- Cal has started calling out at night that he's scared. Mean Mum is instantly skeptical, trying to decipher from his voice whether he's actually scared or just trying it on. Nice Mum remembers terrible night time terrors from her childhood and the sweetness of her mother's warm legs under the covers after a nightmare.
The wine bottle was the rolling pin. I've mostly given up drinking while David is away
Happy, sad, nonplussed, freaked out. Cause life's like that
Not sold on the cooked version
Cookies and milk and sprinkles that don't stick

Monday, 18 May 2015

Little Birdy

These days Cal is 'Baby Birdy' in his nest. SShhh, Baby Birdy's asleep
And I'm 'Mama Birdy', which is my all-time favourite nickname thanks Cal

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Flying Solo

Cal and I are three days into our month without David who's back in Amsterdam for a shoot. We're doing pretty ok as we found our groove last time he went away, which was just two months ago. 

Even though this trip is much longer it's a lot less scary as we kind of know our rhythm now. And also Netflix. I resisted for a while, but broke last week after listening to the millionth theme song of Paw Patrol, which was one of the shows on heavy rotation on Cal's i-Pad. So he has something new to watch while I cook, and I have crappy romcoms before bed. And of course we're not really alone with Mum and Grandma at the bottom of the garden.
Asleep on AnneMa on the train on the way home from the city
Three sleeps down..
Flummoxed by what to do with excess celery I let Cal have it for a forest

Sharing his chips with a kindy friend after swimming

Monday, 11 May 2015

Mother's Day

We don't usually make a thing of Mother's of Father's day, but this year being in such close proximity to my mother and her mother it was fun to spend the day all together with a BBQ at the park. 

I'm particularly grateful to Mum this year for all her help with finding our way here in Sydney - giving us a lovely place to live, a car vroom vroom, a day a week with Cal - and of course all the excellent moments where we just meet halfway in the garden for a yak.

I read somewhere that adults also need parenting and I couldn't agree more. The world would be so much easier, nicer, less fight-y if we all had parent figures, or mentors; older wiser types to guide us and love us no matter what. 
Grandma, AnneMa and Uncle Alex
Marshmallows for real roasting, or just eating
BBQ jazz hands
Alex AKA The Human Flying Fox
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