Thursday, 8 October 2015

Current Mood

This morning a friend and I were talking about how these past weeks have been so quiet, dull, workless and full of miscommunication - for both of us. It's because Mercury is in retrograde, apparently. At least there's some sort of reason for this current state of malaise. She also mentioned that it will be 'direct' next Sunday and the new moon on Monday will make everything tickety-boo again, which I can definitely get behind. Roll on Sunday. Ready for new beginnings.
David's sunrise and a tiny lit fishing boat in the mid-distance

Cal's watermelon breakfast

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Clifton Gardens

We've had a run of extremely hot days this past week, with some of the highest October temps - up to 38 degrees yesterday. There's been reggae and African jazz playing in the house, minimal clothing and plenty of summery drinks; it's been just the tropical holiday we needed after a (relatively) cold winter. And well timed for school holidays and our stay-cation in lieu of going away.

A few nights ago we went to Clifton Gardens - a harbour beach with baths - down in Mosman. It was full of families bbq-ing and braving the still-chilly Harbour water. After a good snorkel Cal threw a couple of shrimps on the barbie. It's a lovely spot, but the flies were a little intense with the hundreds of people cooking meat down there on the warm evening.

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Curl Curl To Dee Why

Cal Can Cook

The other day when Cal was staying at Mum's he asked if the sausages on the stove were "spitting at her, because when he'd thrown a steak into the pan the other day it spat at him."

I love a three year old who can throw steaks into a hot pan with confidence. 

Cal is also learning to swim in leaps and bounds these school holidays - he's snorkelling beautifully, treading water for minutes at a time in the deep end, is working hard on turning bellyflops into dives, and can forward and backwards somersault.

Growing up is so much fun. 

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Kindy Sports Day

Cal's Kindy with bouncy castle
Cal and Skyler
And Grandad too
And more hotdog eating than actual sports playing

Monday, 28 September 2015


Cal's favourite expression these days is, "AND THEN PANDEMONIUM BROKE OUT!" 

We have no idea where he heard this. But he often likes to burst into a room and shout it.

It's a fair warning for anyone in the room when Cal enters. The kid is a force of nature.

Weird New Sleeping Arrangements

A funny thing happened. When our friend Jurgen was staying with us Cal slept on his mattress in our room and it was A-OK. Turns out he doesn't hardly make a peep all night, which is surprising to me. But what is more surprising is that having him in the same room (in his own bed on the other side of the room) seems to make me sleep a lot better. 

I usually spend a good 45 mins or more making grocery lists or wondering What The Hell I'm Doing With My Life and 4am seems to be my preferred time-slot. But since Cal's been in our room I just listen to his breathing and go right back to sleep. Immediately. Which is making me so happy that when Jurgen left we asked Cal if he wanted to stay in our room. 

So Cal's room is now the office/ Cal's toy storage facility, which is working much better for David who can now get some decent work done during the day, and also Cal and I now have free run of the living room without disturbing Daddy too much.

So family bedroom.. pretty hippy shit, but at the moment it's working a charm. 
No objections from this guy to permanent sleep-overs in our room
Licking sugar of his pancake plate
A cosy reading corner for Cal in the living room where David's desk was
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