Saturday, 22 November 2014

Cupcakes For Dinner

This afternoon we brought Cal back from a weekend in Buren. After two hours nap he still wouldn't wake up. There was sobbing, howling and leg kicking. And more sleeping. David likened it to a weekend partying. "He's used up all his endorphins with Oma & Opa." So we let him sleep. And then when he did wake up he wanted to watch TV in bed. Just like I want to when I wake up from a Saturday nap. And so he did. And then he made cupcakes and ate them for dinner with a side of broccoli. Outside is for tomorrow.

Wednesday, 5 November 2014


Today was a good day and to celebrate, after dinner at home, we walked to the cafe at the end of the road for chocolate lava cake.
Night scooting down the Admiralengracht
Bike lights on his scooter are a hit
He said, "Where's my....."
She said, "Shhhhh"
And then it arrived and it was good
Really good
The End
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