Saturday, 13 December 2014

Making Christmas Presents

Here's Cal and I getting crafty with some Christmas cookie-jar presents for Oma, Opa, Emma & Max last night. This afternoon Cal's hosting a little Chrissy drinks for the CDLs as we'll be with the VCs in Oz for Festivus this year.

Monday, 8 December 2014

Just A Monday

A Sunday In Buren

On Sunday morning Cal woke up and insisted "No Mummy Daddy Day. Oma Opa Day!" And seeing as Sunday was my registered day off David took him down to Buren while I spent the very cold and wet day on the couch.

Dinner At The Pub After Kindy

Last week it was too cold to even pick Cal up on the bike, so we jumped in the car and took him to the big Belgian cafe Mechelen near our house. Hot chips, stampot and beer for dinner did the trick.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Autumn In Amsterdam

An Early Start On Christmas

We weren't planning on getting a tree this year as we'll be in Oz in a few weeks, but when they appeared at the flower shop a few days ago I knew I was powerless. My Christmas-love aside, Cal is also really into it this year. We read 'The Night Before Christmas' and 'Mog & the Christmas Tree' daily at the moment.
In the forest of mini-sized trees 
Like his mother, has clear opinions on height and branch distribution
Careful consideration from the team
Probably my favourite shopping event of the year
It's wrapped and in the bakfiets!
Still a few golden leaves around, but it's definitely winter this weekend
Master of Pepernoten cookies
Which, should always be served in a bowl as big as your head

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Cupcakes For Dinner

This afternoon we brought Cal back from a weekend in Buren. After two hours nap he still wouldn't wake up. There was sobbing, howling and leg kicking. And more sleeping. David likened it to a weekend partying. "He's used up all his endorphins with Oma & Opa." So we let him sleep. And then when he did wake up he wanted to watch TV in bed. Just like I want to when I wake up from a Saturday nap. And so he did. And then he made cupcakes and ate them for dinner with a side of broccoli. Outside is for tomorrow.

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