Friday, 23 October 2015

Three And Three Quarters

Cal is ridiculously excited to be three and three quarters. He was very impressed with three and a half, but that extra quarter is really floating his boat. He stops dog walkers on the street to tell them. He shouts across the road to workmen, 'Hi! I'm three and three quarters. I'll be four in January!' They congratulate him and laugh. I hope four is just as much fun.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Some Sunny Sunday

Lords Of The Flies

At kindy there are, thankfully, a troupe of 4 year olds guys equally as rambunctious as Cal. They're all highly verbal, highly adventurous, highly energetic, highly hard to wrangle. Cal is the youngest of them and loves to follow them on imaginative adventures through the bush next to kindy every afternoon. 

There's a hidden dirt trail that slopes down the side of a robust date palm that they've named 'The Dinosaur Hole'. And a steep, dense bushy path to bowl balls down and then run after. The balls mostly stick to the track to be caught at the bottom, although sometimes they rocket away into the thick scrub never to be seen again.


Cal doesn't nap anymore. He just goes like a Mentos in a Coke bottle from 6.30am till 7.30pm. So we rarely get to see him still like this. His face totally smooth and pale. Full cheeks. Almond eyes. Tight, salty curls clustered at the nape of his neck. I should probably wake him up, but it's so sweet. And quiet.
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