Monday, 21 November 2016

More Family Pics On Instagram

David has a new Instagram account for some of his (really beautiful) pics of travel and Cal. If family and friends want to keep up with us on Instagram he's davidcohendelarajournal

Sunday, 20 November 2016

A Very Good Afternoon

After the sun got a little lower and cooler today we finished off the weekend at Dee Why. We were hoping to try some boogey boarding with Cal but the waves were too wild. In our short swim Cal and I got washed and I lost my prescription sunglasses, gah! Watching the local surfers from the beach was good sport though. 

Monday, 14 November 2016

Cal Can Cook

Almond meal and frozen berry muffins on the way
Cal, November 2016 

Some Sunny Saturday

On Saturday morning before swimming lessons we were up early for a hike over Long Reef. As we walked down onto the rock plateau we found an idyllic patch of shallow water with tiny little waves rolling in that were perfect for teaching Cal how to dive under and body surf. Everyone was stoked with his new wave riding and diving skills, especially me. The sight of him in the ocean is one of my most favourite things.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

School Orientation Day!

This morning Cal had his orientation day at primary school. His first morning of getting dressed in his school uniform and walking up the hill to Big School instead of down the hill to Kindy. He was dressed hours early, of course. 

As we walked up the hill he shouted, 'stop taking photos of me! Why are you doing that?' When I explained that we want to remember this special day forever he thought about it for a moment and said, 'Ok then, take a photo of me.' 

Overall he was very confident going in. At the gate he had a moment where he said, 'Nah I don't want to, let's go back to my kindy.' And then right as we were about to leave him at the classroom door he stuck out his bottom lip - see photo below, but then went in happily. An hour later he came out beaming. 'The teacher's name was Miss Hudson and I thought she said Miss Huntsman, which was funny!" What a happy day..

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